Enrique Gorostegi,MA, STAT, ISATT 
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique


Due to the current situation I am not offering face-to-face lessons for the time being. 

I am available for free virtual and phone consultations on the benefits of the Alexander Technique in stress and anxiety management. Please check my Breathing Meditation for Anxiety Management below.

Living Without Pain

The Alexander Technique

and Anxiety Management

My Story

During a busy and goal-driven life, I've learned that overactivity does not lead to happiness. Rather, it leads or contributes to excessive muscular tension, breathing problems, pain, and emotional and stress-related issues. 

After a tough period of discovery, I took time to rest and heal. My first Alexander Technique lessons in Los Angeles dissolved the pain in my lower back and opened for me the transformative potential of this Technique and the possibility to lead a more focused, pain-free life.

Anxiety Management

These are challenging times. It's normal to feel anxious, stressed, nervous or uncertain about the future. Accepting the normality of that emotion is a first step to managing it. It's OK. I am nervous too sometimes and I accept it. Once I do that, what next? Paying attention to our breathing helps us to be more present, stopping our mind from spiraling into worry. See below for guidance on a breathing meditation that can help you relax and stay more grounded.


Breathing Meditation for Anxiety Management

Sit down in a chair with a flat seat, or the flattest you have available. Take a moment to become aware that you are sitting... Feel how the floor supports your feet. You don't have to do anything. Just be. Drop your arms by your sides, fingers gently rolling down towards the ground. Think of a soft, silky thread connecting the crown of your head to the sky above you and slightly ahead of you. Don't force anything. Don't try to maintain an erect posture. Just be. Take a moment and let the air come through your nostrils, without sucking. Like soft water gently flowing into a space, let the air gently flow into your lungs. Count to 5 while the air comes in. Then let the air out gently. Count to 6 or 7 in the outflow. Repeat 10 times or as long as you want (without hyperventilating).

The Alexander Technique Can Also Help With 

Physical Pain

The Alexander Technique addresses the causes of pain in the body (back, neck, leg), providing a long-term solution to habitual and chronified problems.

Mobility and Stability

The Technique provides clear and practical cognitive tools for people with stability issues. This improves coordination, mobility and confidence, thereby reducing the risk of falling, among other benefits. The changes can be striking and greatly improve the quality of life of the client.


We often employ unnecessary tension in our activity, be it kick, hit, jump or swim. This often creates tension and pain, and brings us closer to injury. The Alexander Technique helps you to become aware of the physical and mental habits that limit your performance, decreasing the chance of injury and facilitating recovery



Actors, Musicians, Performers

The Alexander Technique helps performers who aspire to use their body/instrument without muscle and joint tension. The Technique teaches you to release muscle tension and be conscious of the restrictive habits that interfere with your performance so you can play, speak, or act with ease and live your craft without pain.

Personal Growth

The Alexander Technique teaches us to become more aware and conscious of our psychophysical unity. By learning to "do less", we can bring serenity into our lives and open ourselves to a more conscious and easier way of being.

Who looks outside dreams. 

Who looks inside awakes                                  —Carl Jung 

Breathing, Stress & Focus

There is a much confusion about “the right way to breath”. What is often lost is that we don’t have to breath. Breathing is a natural and automatic process that gets complicated by wrong habits. Through the gentle hands-on work of the teacher, the Alexander Technique helps you to  learn how to breathe with less tension, thereby relieving stress and improving your quality of life.



“I’ve always had back pain and a stiff neck. And whenever I’m worried or stressed my whole body feels the same. Working with Enrique, I discovered that the Alexander Technique helps me to relax and quiet down my tension. I feel weightless, like floating. Pain relief is immediate. 

I call it magic.”

Arantzazu A.

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Nothing changes if nothing changes


Individual lessons usually take between 45 minutes and one hour, although time is not a constraint. One lesson can offer benefits, but it is advisable to take a few lessons to begin experiencing change and the benefits of living without pain.

Corporate & Professional
Wellness and Leadership

Increasingly, research and experience understand the connection between good physical use, coordinated posture, and optimal mental habits with effective leadership and performance in the corporate space. I conduct seminars for executives and selected professionals to improve leadership skills through physical and mental congruence and awareness.


I offer outreach seminars for the general public and targeted workshops for professional groups and organizations whose activities create back pain, soreness, tension and other health issues for their members.

Individual Sessions


For over 100 years, the Alexander Technique has been helping people to eliminate or mitigate pain, tension, and other chronic conditions. There is ample scientific and experiential evidence of the benefits of the Alexander Technique. Please see a sample below:

A Word of Hope

This shall pass. That's a fact. In the midst of a storm it is normal to feel like there is no end to it. There is. And we will see it. I am confident that with patience, discipline and serenity we will overcome this crisis. It may call upon deep fears. It may also be a vehicle to look inside and examine our priorities. The Alexander Technique is not a miracle cure —nothing is. But it is a beautiful tool to learn to live differently and with more peace, even in the middle of a storm. Be patient. Be disciplined. Breathe and come to center.

This too shall pass. 

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Living Without Pain is Possible